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A Single Operating System at Microsoft?


It seems that Microsoft are planning a “single ecosystem” for PCs, phones, tablets and other devices.


It looks like by 2015 we can have full PC computing power in whatever form factor we like.


Basically we would be able to use a common interface across different devices, with all the ability of a PC on our smart phones.


To me this seem further away (2015) than I would have expected.


Andy Lee speaking at the at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference said “Microsoft wants to provide coherence and consistency across different devices, particularly with Xbox”.


So it looks like Microsoft is planning to somehow harmonize not only Windows for PCs and Windows Phone, but also the Xbox operating system, which by 2015 we will be all using i-phones, i-pads and any other product apple brings out in the 4 year wait for Microsoft to pull its finger out!


So current ‘I am a PC’, but I doubt I will be in 4 years…


By Richard Woods


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