Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Cloud-computing is the technology of the future, it allows businesses to unleash their day to day operations from their local networks to anywhere with an internet connection.Cloud computing really is helping to shape today's truly out of office workforce.

For small businesses, cloud computing is perfect.

With cloud services, small businesses acquirethe benefits of not having to install physical infrastructure like servers for their files and email, or expensive software that needs to be updated manually and costs each time. Plus, the ‘anytime’ availability of cloud services, means simple collaboration between businesses or internally between employees, though easy to use service like Google doc.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that it's easily scalable, our solutions can work for a business with five employees or 5,000, our cloud services will grow as your business grows.

Yomp IT offers the following Cloud Services:

  1. 1. Online data back-up
  2. 2. File sharing, storage & collaboration areas
  3. 3. Online e-mail server
  4. 4. Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  5. 5. Accounting packages

Yomp IT’s cloud servicesrequire no software to purchase and install, charges are subscriptionbased and charged on a monthtomonth basis.