VOIP Telecom


Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Yomp IT’s Voice Over IP (VoIP) solutions will provide you with a Telephone System that will meet all the needs of a growing business and will future proof your Telecom requirements.

You will have total freedom of choice regarding low cost call routing, handset and other hardware additions as well as on-going support. The system does not tie you into a single vendor like traditional telephone systems do.

Your telephone system can be setup to make calls via a high quality (low latency) ADSL line separate from the ADSL line used for your data transfer. Alternatively we can install ISDN lines and calls can be made over the ISDN lines. We have implemented VoIP only systems at many of our clients and they experience call quality undistinguishable from a normal phone call.

VoIP will allow you to benefit from cost savings available from low cost call packages e.g. packages with prices for both international landline and UK national landline calls at around 0.38p per call. You could also benefit from free remote worker home office calls regardless of location if these users are connected to the same VoIP provider as your PABX uses. VoIP also reduces your line costs as only a single broadband line is required to handle multiple calls.

You can also run reports like: Total calls made, length of calls, calls per agent, cost per agent, calls received etc. which could be valuable to your customer service process.

We will be able to transfer your existing telephone numbers to your new VoIP service so that the move to VoIP is transparent to your customers. Yomp will manage the full process for you and could also manage all Telco related matters once you are using the new VoIP system.